Is it possible for someone to have HSV2 and not know it? Would a basic STD test show if you had it or do you need to be tested specifically for it?

HSV + without lesion. A person can be infected with HSV2 without active lesions, which then during periods of stress, etc., become active and infectious or may be dormant. Most STD testing is is for chlamydia, gc, syphyllis, and HIV, but an blood antibody test for HSV2 can be done to show prior infection or recent infection. Due to sexual practices, both HSV1 and 2 can give lesions on face and genitals.
YesNoMaybePerhaps. There is a blood test to show past infection and it is possible to "have" it but not know it (that is, not ever having had the symptoms)but that is very rare. In the usual case you get symptoms (the painful rash) and a doctor sees it and you are treated and that's that. Have you had contact with someone who has HSV?If so, when?How close the contact?If so,wait and see. You'll know it if you get it.