Is psoriasis genetic?

Psoriasis Genetic. The current thinking it that is skips generations.
Clearly genetic! Major hla genes, which are inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, increase the likelyhood of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. The are hla-b17 (now 57 & 58), cw6, b13, b37, 38, and 39. These do not skip generations if inherited. In my patients, I find almost always direct generational linkage!
Yes. There are genetic causes of psoriasis, but it also can occur in people who have no history of relatives with psoriasis. There are also certain medications that can actually be associated with developing psoriasis.

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Is psoriasis always genetic?

Psoriasis. Only people with the right genetic background can get psoriasis. But many patients have no known family members with psoriasis. It involves various genes, and some of them are not known yet.