Foam and bubbles in urine and frequent urination. Negative urine test for protein.?

?fistula. Usually, air in the urine, either as sputtering or foam and bubbles, indicates a connection between the bladder and an air containing viscus, like the colon or small bowel - a fistula. This would also lead to chronic urinary tract infection. See your doctor for a thorough history, exam, and urinalysis. Good luck.

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For the past week, I've had frequent urination. Started after a lower back strain during a workout. Urine test shows no protein and no increased BS.

Needs checked. A back strain cannot cause urinary abnormalities. Either the back strain was not a back strain but rather a renal problem, although there would likely be urine abnormalities. Your are not too young for prostrate problems. Since you mentioned "no increased BS", I expect you are diabetic which can result in eventual renal issues. Needs more thorough investigation. Read more...