29 Female recently diagnosed w/ hypothyroidism. My heart beat rushing sounds has GREATLY increased. As a kid it was very little. Help! Please?

Thyroid and heart. As T4 increases, your heart pumps faster and with greater force. Some people are very sensitive to this and hear/feel their heart and this can be bothersome. Some heart conditions, eg mitral prolapse, can exacerbate this. If you were recently started on thyroid replacement for hypo, you should make sure you are not on too much. Talk to your doctor.
Hypothyroidism with. 29 years old female having rapid heart beat with hypothyroidism. further testing like tsh,thyroid hormones,ultrasound of thyroid,thyroid scan,EKG,holter monitoring,echocardiogram,cat scan of head for pituitary tumors,tests like TSH stimulating test. treatment:treating the cause,synthroid,,cardioversion in case of atrial fibrillation, beta blockers,digoxin.