How does anxiety cause occasional blurred vision, halos around lights, and eye strain?

Norepinephrine. anxiety=increased norepinephrine (adrenaline) the chemical messenger which speeds up the whole human system-BUT check in with an eye MD (ophthalmologist) for other causes.
Affects Eye Muscles. Anxiety raises the level of activation of the sympathetic nervous system (the "fight or flight" system). This prepares the person for anticipated danger. Vision needs to be very sensitive to light or movement, but the details don't matter as much when you are facing a tiger in the dark (for example). And fight or flight is not supposed to last, it is a strain over time.

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Can halos around lights, occasional blurred vision, and eye strain be from dry eyes? Also, can dry eyes be from anxiety?

I'm not an. opthalmologist, but the obvious first suggestion is to make an appointment with one. In an older person you want to eliminate cataracts as a potential diagnose. In a younger person, while cataracts do occur, there are lots of other potential causes that need a look-see. Opthalmologists also know about what causes dry eyes. Read more...

How does anxiety cause blurry vision sometimes, eye strain, and halos around lights at night? My eye doc said everything was fine.

Anxiety attacks. during anxiety attacks, most of patients have rapid breathing,leading to low Carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the blood ,causing blurred vision,numbness around lips and overall tingling feeling. usually patients are directed to breath in a bag,that helps alleviate such symptoms. Read more...