Is sadness and depression a symptom of puberty?

No. Neither of those are a "symptom" of depression. Adolescence can be a difficult time of adjustment leading to sadness or depression. If you are concerned, you should talk to someone.
Get it checked out. Hello. Teen angst refers to the emotional turmoil that may be felt during adolescence. However, if your mood is predominantly sad, anxious or angry - it could be something more. This would warrant letting your parents know or speaking with your school counselor or your doctor. Take care.

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Help please! Is always looking tired for a while a sign of sadness or depression?

DEPRESSION. Get an evaluation from a psychiatrist to help identify what depression means to you and whatever else may be bothering you. Consider recommendations for medication if any are given. Get a referral for a reputable psychotherapist to speak with. Meds and therapy combined are most optimal; no just one or the other.

I have feelings of sadness I can't get out of for about a half hour once or twice a month is this a sign of depression or just hormone related?

Feeling blue. Feeling blue can be normal especially in response to situations such as overwork, family or financial stress. Many women have emotional moments near their menstrual cycle If these feelings become more frequent or if you have thoughts of harming yourself or others then you should seek am appointment with your doctor.

Started taking Zoloft (sertraline) a day ago for GAD and experienced depression symptoms or sadness after first dose, initial side effects?

Depression w/ zoloft (sertraline) Let your doctor know immediately (today). All SSRIs have a black box warning that they can cause suicidal ideation and should be stopped in that situation. Since you just started would call your doctor/see urgent care immediately in the AM and let them know of the depression before taking a second dose.