What drugs can help with the pain of pressure sores?

Any Analgesic. Pain is asymptom, not a disease. Pressure sores commonly occur in areas without normal sensation. Pain may be indicating someting moree is going on . Get examined by you physician.
? Narcotic/NSAIDs, . Most analgesics will help with the pain of pressure sores but wound care is also very important. Typically, pressure sores do not experience pain, because most individuals who have pressure sores develop them because of a lack of sensation in the area which would have prevented them from getting them in e first place. Of course other causes of immobility may be responsible.
Stronger Meds. Pain from pressure sores can be bad as it is usually a "nerve" type of pain (damage of the nerves / tissues around the site. This pain is usually carefully treated with opioids due to degree of pain. Carefully because "most" patients with pressure sores would be elderly and may have other conditions and taking meds which may interact. You do not want to depress respiration in the bedridden. Drj.