Question about gum disease and seeeimg expert/ who first?

Depends. It depends on the cause of the gum disease. See your dentist first for a full evaluation. Sometimes your dentist may refer you to a periodontist (gum specialist) for more severe cases. Furthermore, your medical doctor may also be involved as diseases like diabetes can affect the gums.
Periodontist. Go right to the expert in treating gum disease - a periodontist (preferably a periodontist trained in lanap – an innovative and less invasive treatment utilizing the laser). You will then be referred to a restorative dentist as needed. Http://www. Drgums. Com.
General dentist 1st. You should first see a general dentist. There the dentist and hygienest will assess the level of your periodontal (gum) health. If the dentist thinks he can resolve your problems in his office, you can get treatment done there. If it is more serious, the dentist may refer you to a periodontist who is a specialist in the field of gums, bone, and all the structures that surround and hold in the teet.