What do doctors call a secondary symptom of parkinson disease?

Secondary Parkinson' This condition may be caused from heavy metal intoxications, medications such as anti-psychotics or related to a neurodegenerative condition "multi-systems atrophy (msa). Msa may be associated with blood pressure changes, rigity, tremor, deficits in upgaze and cognitive disorders. Pls see a neurologist for further info.

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My doctor gave me dopamine and now I have movement disorders like parkinson disease. However all doctors that I have been to, told me that I dont have parkinson disease. Now the doctor prescribed md mendilex and abilify and I started hallucinating?

Response. Not sure whether you have an underlying neurological problem, or rather you are experiencing iatrogenic issues from your prescribed medications. Propose, if not yet done, you see a neurologist. We also might be able to help with a Concierge visit. Read more...