Donated Blood. Positive hla b27 result. PCP. Retested negative result. Constant joint pain hands feet neck wrists. Numbness and weakness in hand?

Does not make sense. See a rheumatologist and have the issue evaluated. The HLA-B27 is either always positive or always negative. It is never both. It is a gene.
Impossible. HLA. B-27 is a genetic test. One testing center is wrong. This test does not change over time. This test is positive in several diseases including ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis , enteropathic arthritis. The symptoms you describe can be due to a pinched nerve in the back, arthritis disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, among others. You will need to see your doc .

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Donated blood said hlab27 antigen positive PCP had blood drawn hlab27 negative. Joint pain everywhere. Weight gain headaches weakness tingling hands?

Cannot be. HLA- B27 is always positive or negative. It does not change. One of the tests was wrong. Also, HLA-B27 is useless as a screening test. The symptoms need to be worked up (eg., the joint pain) and then, only the proper tests should be done depending on the symptoms. Diseases such Lyme disease or lupus cannot be checked for with labs. A history & physical are the first steps. Read more...