Symptoms of lung disease vs cancer?

Similar. There is nothing specific that can differentiate these 2 problems. A chest x-ray or ct scan, if indicated, would help distinguish.

Related Questions

What are common symptoms of lung disease/cancer?

Too broad an issue. The common symptoms of lung disease are cough, shortness of breath, sputum production and bleeding in sputum, weakness, cyanosis, clubbing of fingers, fever, pain in the chest etc. For lung cancer symptoms, see this site: http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/lung-cancer/ds00038/dsection=symptoms.

Can one have serious lung disease or cancer and still do rigorous cardio?

Yes. Some conditions are not particularly symptomatic until advanced, so if you are concerned, you should be evaluated by a doctor.

Does chronic lung disease mean cancer?

NO. Chronic lung disease can take several forms. The most common is COPD or emphysema. The most common risk factor for emphysema, smoking, is the same as the most common risk factor for lung cancer.
No. Although many smokers have chronic lung disease and are at risk for lung cancer, they are two separate disease processes.

What is difference between lung disease and lung cancer?

Several. Pneumonia copd emphysema other infections pneumothorax are all lung disease. Cancer is malignant growth of some cell type squamous adeno small cell etc.

What is the difference in treatment between chronic lung disease and lung cancer?

Different. Non small cell lung cancer mainstay of therapy is surgical resection for appropiate lesions. 5yr survival for stage I nsclc after surgical resection is about 70%, stage ii about 30%. Chronic lung disease is emphysema, bronchitis, asthma, obviously a totally different diagnosis. Patients may develop lung cancer with or without chronic lung disease but more common in smokers.
A lot! Stop smoking with either! Copd or emphysema is a preventable medical, benign - non-malignant situation. It can be very limiting but non surgical in general. Cancer is malignant, may require surgery to diagnose or treat and/ or chemo/ radiation to stabilize.

Could an X-ray of broken ribs also show up early lung diseases such as lung cancer?

X ray. Ct scan will most likely pick up cancer. Chest x ray may show a large tumor.
Possible. Most will, get pa and lateral and rib detail as a series. That can define other lesions. Some tumors are small enough to be missed on plain x-rays and picked up on ct scan.