What are the symptoms of lung cancer compared to emphysema?

Cough. Emphysema typically causes breathlessness with exertion. Cancer is silent at first, but later can cause persistent cough or even coughing up blood. Chest pain that is persistent may occur. Emphysema generally doesn't cause much coughing, unlike chronic bronchitis which often occurs in combination (copd).
Symptoms.... Symptoms of emphysema include shortness of breath, cough which can have production of bloody sputum whether or not lung cancer is present. Other symptoms include weight loss, decreased appetite, difficulty sleeping, etc. These symptoms can also be present with lung cancer. Lung cancer cannot be diagnosed by symptoms alone so see your doctor for evaluation to rule out lung cancer! And, quit smoking.
The dirty little. Secret of lung cancer is that it causes very few symptoms in the early stages. Copd, emphysema and chronic bronchitis, have cough, shortness of breath, worse with exercise and stair climbing, and can cause blue lips and finger nails, purse lip breathing. Lunf cancer can cause "clubbed finger nails" once underway, lung cancer can cause trouble everywhere.

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What are some of the symptoms of lung cancer and emphysema?

Varies. Common symptoms of emphysema include cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. The problem with lung cancer is...many times, there are no symptoms (like coughing up blood) until it is too late. That is why lung cancer is so deadly. And that is why smoking, which causes lung cancer, is so harmful.

Need expert help here. What are the symptoms of lung cancer and emphysema?

Subtle. Initially lung cancer may be asymptomatic. Eventually both can cause cough, dyspnea, weight loss. Cancer can spread and can cause pain, fractures or symptoms related to organs where it spreads. I can cause coughing up blood more so than emphysema. It is best to have it worked up and diagnosed than to surmise from differences and similarities. Risks are same for both.
Cough/chest pain. Symtoms are non specific and include cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing up blood, weight loss to name a few. A medical evaluation including radiography (chest x-ray ad possible ct), pfts and physical assessment.

What's the difference between lung cancer and emphysema?

Big difference. Emphysema is damage to the alveoli, the oxygen transferring areas on the lung. Lung cancer is a mass of malignant cells but do not directly affect the alveoli. Lung cancer can affect breathing by blocking the airway. Hope this helps.
COPD versus cancer. In emphysema the air sacs of the lung (alveoli) are damaged. The result is the lung "traps air in the damaged sacs and it becomes hard to exhale. The lung becomes over inflated. Breathing (getting oxygen in and carbon dioxide out) are progressively harder. In lung cancer a cell is damaged and can not regulate its growth, (ie becomes cancerous) with tumor formation. Both are linked to smoking.

What is the difference between emphysema and lung cancer?

COPD. Is destructive lung disease, divided into chronic bronchitis and emphysems. It is measured by pft's: tests that determmine volumes and speed of moving air. Lung cancer is increased in people with copd, cells have gone awry, travel to other parts of the body causing death by local progression or distant metastasis. Similar cause: tobacco. Mode of death quite different.
Different things. Emphysema is destruction of lung tissue from (most often) smoking. Lung cancer is an abnormal growth of lung tissue that can cause destruction of many tissues, not just lung. They are completely different diseases. But, because the most common cause of lung cancer is smoking, many times patients with lung cancer have emphysema and vice versa.

Is it difficult to travel with lung cancer and emphysema?

A little bit. Traveling with lung disease can be slightly more complicated. Planning for routine medications, including oxygen takes some advanced planning. Discuss your plans with both your pulmonologist and your travel medicine specialist prior to booking the tickets. If you need oxygen while flying you need to arrange for special canisters or machines. Also plan how to mange a flare up at your destination.
Needs planning. Both emphysema and lung cancer reduce the lung capacity for oxygen transfer into the blood. Tests such as pft, oxygen saturation and type of cancer treatments (surgery, radiation, etc) can help assess lung function. Your doctor then optimize the medicines needed (inhalers, nebulizers, etc) and may recommend oxygen use especially if traveling by air.

What is the percentage of smokers get lung cancer or emphysema?

15-17% About 15-17% of smokers develop lung cancer or emphysema. About 85% of patients with lung cancer have been exposed to significant amounts of cigarette smoke.
Getting and dying... Sir richard peto the epidemiologist estimated that those who continue to smoke after age 35 have a 50% risk of dying of it...Heart, disease joins lung failure and cancer in the chest, but with each day more links to tobacco and many other cancers. My number is 14% of smokers get lung cancer. Smoking is addictive. Tobacco companies hate to admit this. Quit, never start, get help.

Chronic bronchitis emphysema and lung cancer can be caused by?

Smoking., The most common cause for both diseases is cigarette smoking. By either avoiding smoking or quitting if you do smoke, you reduce your chances of getting these diseases. See your doctor if you need help to quit.
Smoking, etc... As noted, smoking is a critical factor: http://www. Cancer. Net/cancer-types/lung-cancer/risk-factors-and-prevention http://www. Lung. Org/lung-disease/bronchitis-chronic/understanding-chronic-bronchitis. Html.

Can smoking weed once a week give you lung cancer and/or emphysema?

Perhaps. Currently, there is no link between marijuana and lung cancer or emphysema. There has been no conclusive research linking marijuana to lung cancer or emphysema. However, marijuana has been linked to a multitude of other health problems, and just because there is no research demonstrating a link to lung cancer or emphysema does not mean that a link does not exist. More research must be done.
Probably not. Moderate cannabis smoking has not been associated with developing emphysema or lung cancer. Heavy users can develop chronic bronchitis.
Perhaps. While risk varies for different people, the main risk factor for lung cancer is tobacco use, especially cigarette smoking. Smoking other things, like weed does not appear to have a strong link to increased risk for lung cancer, but is not a good idea, because if you smoke that, you may also smoke cigarettes. See your doctor to be sure.
Data lacking. Since the exact cause of the oncogenic (cancer-causing) effects of tobacco is not entirely clear, and the simple role of a chronic irritant has not been clearly delineated, any opinions are pretty much guess work, and as stated earlier, more data is needed.
YES. Recent studies have found links of lung cancer to smoking marijuana. Marijuana is a risk factor. Its impact is dependent on intensity of exposure and duration. The best information to date is that it is a carcinogen linked to developing lung cancer. Emphysema changes are demonstrated in lung tissue of mj smokers.