I wake up almost every night from pulling my calf muscles and having horrible muscle spasms to follow then can't walk on the leg?

Not fun. You probably want to have that looked into. A good exam, some labs are in order to start with. Muscle cramps are no fun. Its scary to be awakened by them. You might want to to some gentle stretching exercises about 1 hour before bedtime and avoid drinking a lot of water just before bedtime. Its probably a good idea to avoid carbonated beverages if possible.
Leg cramps. Most leg cramps are caused by lack of potassium, calcium or magnesium in your diet. If you don't drink milk or eat high calcium foods, this could be the source of the cramping. You can try taking a spoonful of mustard which contains turmeric and curcumin which will decrease the cramping almost immediately. You will have to address the other mineral deficiencies in diet to prevent recurrence.
Variety of causes. restless legsyndrome being the most comon by far. Fatigue and overuse will trigger this. Many drugs including both anti-spasm drugs and parkinson's drugs are highly effective and safe.