Is there any indication of HIV seroconversion in the CBC? I tested negative after 8 weeks of exposure. But can be window period. Wbc count is in range

Usually not. The absolute lymphocyte count may drop off as the T4 cells vanish, and/or there may be numerous activated lymphocytes / virocytes. Don't bet your health and the health of others on this. You describe fever, swollen glands, and lethargy; the smart money at your age is infectious mono which may not be positive on the labs yet, but if there's any doubt, get a HIV PCR to be sure.
CBC not reliable. HIV Seroconversion cannot be predicted by changes in the CBC(complete blood count) . Any abnormal CBC results are not specific to HIV; they can occur with most other types of viral infections .
CBC and Aids. The CBC can change, but this is with people who have had AIDS for some time. The CBC does not help much with diagnosing AIDS in the early stages of HIV.