Syrup and honey are making my throat swell up. Had IBS like symptoms for a year and a half every GI test is normal. Sugar allergy?

No. I have never seen a documented case of sugar allergy. However it is possible that you may be allergic to honey made from pollen you are allergic to. As for the other syrup, it is likely from an ingredient in the syrup. Sometimes food allergy and even pollen allergy (such as birch pollen allergy) can mimic IBS. Need epinephrine autoinjector for throat. See allergist.
Unlikely. Proteins typically cause allergic reactions, and not sugars. I'm the case of syrup and honey, it could be oral allergy syndrome. This is a cross-reaction between pollens and foods that causes mout itching, minor throat discomfort. It does not lead to anaphylaxis, however. Hope this helps. .