Grade2 Spondylolisthesis of L5/S1. Circumferential disc buldge & minimal narrowing of neural formina. Disc buldge impinges S1. Can this cause hip pain?

LBP radiates to hip. Low back pain from S1 compression can radiate to hip to almost the extend of the leg. Not to mention the awkward walking from pain can produce abnormal gait producing pressure on the HIP. More commonly is the sciatica nerve involvement which refers pain to the hip. It is important to distinguish LBP from conditions of the hip as the origen of your pain. .
Absolutely Yes. This is a common complaint. Patients say their hip hurts when they mean their groin or the lower buttock on that side. In fact, that presenting symptom can delay the diagnosis of degenereative disc disease. I suggest you be assessed by a pain specialist and a spine surgeon. Do not want to wait until you have lost motor function to have spine stabilzation. Epidural steroid injections help and PT.
Yes. If this interferes with your life, surgery for spondylolisthesis is very predictable.