Can implantation bleeding have blood clots in it?

Not really. Politely, "implantation bleeding" is mostly an internet fad - 'real' implantation bleeding is sporadic and highly unpredictable, and doesn't happen at all in most cases. No, it's not like a period - bleeding that heavy is unlikely 'implantation, ' could be breakthrough or other reasons.

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Can implantation bleeding have blood clots in it? I am not sure if it is my period or if its implantation bleeding.

Implantationbleeding. Yes, at times implantation bleeding can have a few clots but usually it is light. If there are large clots then that could be a period or a miscarriage depending on if you are pregnant or not. Read more...

Can blood clots come out in implantation bleeding?

Not usually. Implantation if it does occur usually is minimal at the very best. Clots is not a good sign after fertilization. Read more...