Where on the body are pressure sores most common?

Back, butt, heels. As the other 2 md's stated, the most common areas are the back, butt, & heels. Pressure sores can occur anywhere on the body that is near or over a bony prominence (like the heels or elbows) or where the body is in prolonged contact with an object without any pressure relief. Here is a good diagram showing common pressure sore areas: http://www. Selectmedical. Co.Uk/images/pressure_sores. Jpg.
Buttocks and back. Pressure sores are most commonly noticed in older non-ambulatory people lying on bed most of the time...Mostly oberved on the buttocks and backs.
Back, butt, heels. Pressure sores usually occur in the dependent areas where the weight of the body falls and in individuals that cannot move much at all. They most commonly occur, then, on the lower back, buttocks, upper thighs, and heels.
Depends on position. Pressure ulcers occur over boney prominences and they happen when there is prolonged pressure in an area. If someone has had a stroke and tends to lie on the weakened side of the body because it is difficult to turn over, then the side of the hip or ankle will be the most common. Also for individuals with advanced dementia they tend to lie in fetal position on their side causing knees to ulcerate.
The Buttox and Heels. The most common areas of pressure sores are on the buttox, however, they can occur on the heels. The pressure sores or (decubitus ulcers) occur where pressure points occur most commonly and this is usually around the buttox, sacrum and gluteal cleft in patients who do a lot of sitting. In those who lay on their backs and are not turned freqently, they can be seen in the heels or the shoulders.