Do I have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome? Tingling and numbness?

It's possible. Numbness and tingling from carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) usually involves the thumb, index, long and ring fingers. The symptoms are usually worse at night and with certain activities. Cts is due to compression of the median nerve at the wrist. Ring and small finger symptoms could be ulnar nerve compression at the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome). Nerve compression in the neck can make all fingers numb.
Maybe. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one problem that can cause numbness and tingling in the fingers. Nerve compression at the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome) can cause similar problems. Nerves can also be pinched at the neck, shoulder, and arm. An electrodiagnostic study (emg/ncs study) can help to differentiate between these different sites of nerve compression and identify the origin of your numbness.
Tingling. Pain, numbness, tingling, weakness and night pain are the most common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Numbness and tinglin. These are common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. However, there are other problems that can lead to this such as spinal disease in the neck. I recommend that you get an evaluation by an experienced hand surgeon.

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Hand & wrist numbness - can joint pain be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Possibly. Hand numbness, more so than wristnumbness, can be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. So can pain in the digits of the hand. Predominately the symptoms are felt in the first three digits of your hand. Electro diagnostic testing may help determine if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or something else.
No. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not normally wrist pain, but numbness and tinging in the fingers. You need to see a hand surgeon to have your wrist evaluated.
Unlikely. Carpal tunnel is numbness of the thumb, index, long and usually half of the ring finger. Joint pain is more likely arthritis.

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms in my hand. Intense tingling or pain and loss of grip strength. Do I risk further or permanent damage if ignored?

Yes. Prolonged carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to atrophy (shrinking) of the muscles of your thumb with subsequent hand weakness. This can be permanent. You should be evaluated by a hand surgeon.
Carpal tunnel. Yes you could risk further damage. Seek advice from an orthopedic surgeon and get a nerve test done (emg). In the meantime you can wear a wrist support (from the drugstore) at night and try an anti-inflammatory until you get an appointment.
Yes. Carpal tunnel syndrome represents compression of the median nerve at the wrist. With continued nerve compression, the changes can become permanent, even if surgery is undertaken at a later date. An electrodiagnostic study (emg/ncs study) can be helpful in determining whether surgery is the right answer for you. There is a risk of permanent and irreversible nerve damage with severe carpal tunnel.
Untreated, cts. Is typically a progressive problem getting worse over time. Unless treated what is not known is the rate and to what degree that worsening will occur. However if one truly has cts and grip strength loss due to loss of thenar muscle mass and constant sensory symptoms then it is unlikey that you will get better without surgical treatment, in fact you may only stop the progression. Short answer yes.