I am feeling symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, how can I treat it now before it becomes severe?

Activity modificatio. Carpal tunnel syndrome(cts) is compression of the median nerve at the wrist. It can be exacerbated by certain activities, positions or metabolic abnormalities. Try to figure out if certain things cause your symptoms, wear wrist splints at night and try otc ndaid's. If that doesn't help you can try occupational therapy for helpful exercises. A hand specialist may perform injections or surgery.
Splint. Rest, splint, vitamin b6 100mg / day, over the counter anti-inflammatories, ergonomic changes to positioning while working.
Nighttime splint. I would use splints at nighttime to keep the wrists in a straight or even slightly extended position. Consult your physician to confirm that the nerve compression from carpal tunnel syndrome is not severe already since it is subjectively difficult to tell.