My brain hurts I think I have brain cancer. Do i?

Unlikely. Fortunately, brain tumors are relatively rare--and though they do cause headaches, many other causes are far more likely. I would suggest you see your primary care physician for a history and examination.
Unknown. Brain cancers are rare, but headaches are common. See a doctor if there is a concern.

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My dad has brain cancer and for the past 3 weeks hes had a flaking rash on his face he said it hurts and burns and its going all the way down his body?

May be drug reaction. May be due to reaction to the medication, call and alert his doctor and make appointment to see.
Check with doctor. This is typically not related directly to the brain tumor. It sounds like this is a reaction either to radiation or chemotherapy. Check with your physician as this should be readily treated.

I noticed a trembling in my thumb a few hours ago. It doesn't hurt I noticed it when I picked up my tooth brush. Does this sound like brain cancer?

No. This sounds like fasciculations. Everybody gets these in some muscle group of other from time to time. They last briefly then vanish as mysteriously as they arrive. I suspect that a portion of a nerve is temporarily damaged, leaving a bare receptor that then becomes hypersensitive to circulating acetylcholine. What we do know is that what you're describing isn't worrisome.

Headaches on rightside of head since March CT normal dr apt on Mon anxiety high hope its not brain cancer forehead hurts to cough. Yell. Sneez. Bendover?

Question? I'm not sure what your question is. While headaches are a symptom of a brain tumor, only a very small number of patients with headaches actually have brain tumors, since headaches are so common. Pain with coughing, sneezing or bending over could be caused by sinus disease. If you know that your brain CT was normal, I suggest you relax and see what your doctor says on Monday.

How deadly is brain cancer?

Depends. Different types of brain cancer. Some are benign tumors that push on the brain like meningioma, slow growers. Some are malignant and spread through the brain quickly and if untreatable could end in death in about 9 months. Hope that clears up any doubts.