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My nails have always been dark pink/red and a little purple at the base. In any situation. Should I be concerned? I fear heart disease. I m 19

Hard to tell. It is very hard to tell without photos. Even with photos would be guessing. You need to provide more data. Would want to know if you have high hemoglobin, extra heart sounds, fixed s2 (racepinephrine). cold be cyanotic heart diseae or could be nothing.
Easy. You fear heart disease. Which heart disease do you fear? There are many. The way to evaluate for heart disease is to examine the heart. Not the nails. See a cardiologist. Or at least a physician.

A 7 year old child has heart disease... Symptoms of as below :- (nail color turns blue high speed heart beats if he walks for a long way or play?

Confusing question. These sx could be heart or lung disorder in their origin & it is not clear whether you are asking if it is heart or just stating he has it. The heart rate should always beat faster with exertion. Please start over & provide information about what you know & ask a clear question. Questions are not linked on the site, so start from the beginning.
More Info Please. I am not certain what your question is, but I share your concern about your child. Cyanotic (i.e. Turning blue") heart disease can be serious and requires very close monitoring with often complex case. Please discuss these issues with the child's pediatric cardiologist as soon as possible. And please write back with more information so we can be of further assistance.

Please let me know if there is any connection between lumps in the hand and heart disease?

Not usually. Except for janeway lesions (http://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/janeway_lesion) - which is indicative of infective endocarditis (and these are very rare!), there's no association.

Can hand foot and mouth affect a 80yrs old with heart disease?

Confusing question. Certainly, if someone has gone 80 years and never had this virus they could become infected by it. It would likely cause abdominal cramps and a rash like many such viruses do that have no pattern named after them. Chances are, they had it as a kid and don't remember it, and there is no one is around that might.

Can your anxiety levels be high and you not actuallly feel tit? I'm 22 with bouts of shortness of breath I wshould I be concerned that I got heart disease this early? I'm not obese im thin and don't smoke but exposed to 2nd hand smoke

Panic attacks? U seems to be having panic attacks, which is sudden on set of chest pain. Shortness of breath and diziness. It is very common and about 90 percent of patients who goes to the er for chest pain has it.
High anxiety level. Anxiety may manifest itself in many different ways. High anxiety level may mimic the symptoms of a heart attack and/or respiratory condition. Sometimes also, physical conditions may trigger anxiety. Get first reassured on your physical health by having a physical exam and lab work-up done by your general practitioner to rule out any medical condition before seeing any therapist or psychiatrist.

Hello, I've recently been experiencing right side numbness and weakness; weak hand grip and a bit of tingling. Also chest pains, I was referred to a cardiologist and awaiting tests. I'm only 18, high risk of diabetes, heart disease, & hypertension in my f

It is unlikely that. The cardiologist will be able to explain your multiple symptoms but he/she will be able to exclude a cardiac etiology for your chest pain. Then you will need to be evaluated for your other complaints. A neurologist evaluation would seem reasonable to exclude multiple sclerosis as a possibility.

What could cause hand to bleed for no reason my dad recently started noticing drops of blood just appearing on top of his hand without him hitting it or hurting it in any way. He has history of heart disease high blood pressure stroke and kidney disease.

Oner. Oner cause of seemingly spontaneous bleeding may be a pyogenic granuloma a small soft reddish soft tissue bump that can form a t a site of cut. The tissue bleeds very easily. A varicosity or loop of dilared vein if cut may seem to bleed excessively. Dry skin that cracks at the joint sufces or pal can bleed. Finally minor trauma can lead to an abrasion of cut unbeknownst to the injured. Agree that blood needs to be check for clotting, bleeding time etc and certain medications, aspirin, nsaids, and of course blood thinners such as Coumadin (warfarin) if being taken need to be checked. As well as a variety of blood disorders.
He. He may be having issues with abnormal clotting. He should see his doctor, especially given the medical history you have provided.
Bleeding hand. Is he taking aspirin or plavix (clopidogrel)? does he get heparin for dialysis? Is skin very thin and atrophied;

I have a strong family history of premature heart disease, BP is 135/90, LDL 130, non smoker. Should I be treated for cholesterol lowering pill?

Not yet. There is not enough evidence to recommend that people like you take a statin for primary prevention at this time. Follow a heart healthy diet which is low in saturated fats and avoid concentrated sweets and reduce starches like pasta, potatoes, bread and rice. Keep your weight ideal and your blood pressure around 120/80. Regular exercise is advisable. Periodic treadmill stress test is advisable.
Depends on Particles. Cardiovascular (CVD) risk is related to the number of LDL particles (LDL-P). Because cholesterol in LDL particles is highly variable, cholesterol levels often disagree with particle number. When cholesterol and particle number disagree CVD risk tracks with LDL-P, not LDL-C. If an FDA cleared LDL-P test (i.e., NMR LipoProfile test) is elevated, further evaluation and treatment should be considered.