Why am I passing blood clots with no period, I have had two surgery's for ovarian cysts, could they be linked together?

Yes, they could be. Some women are prone to getting ovarian cysts that may or may not produce the wrong hormones at the wrong time, which may result in the uterine lining getting mixed signals. This passing of clots is not normal and you should contact your gynecologist.

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Period was 6 months late. Found I have 2mm ovarian cyst and have been bleeding for past month+ with big sized blood clots any idea why? Thank you inad

The most likely. Reason is irregular ovulation. Without cyclic changes in hormones estrogen is steadily produces causing growth of, then falling away of, the uterine lining. A 2mm cyst is barely detectable, sure not 6 cm? In any event, look up pcos. Do not despair if this is the problem; short term consider pill to prevent anemia. There are many good tx for pcos (see metformin) if that is the case. Gd luc. Read more...

What does dominant follicle means & will it effect me to have kids? How to cure ovarian cyst? Is it normal to have my period & have blood clot?

Dominant follicle. A dominant follicle is a the egg cyst most likely to ovulate from. If you're not on birth control, you should be 3-5 cyst (eggs) on each ovary with usually one dominant follicle. It has nothing to do with cancer and to have them each month is normal. This is different than a persistent cystic tumor (the majority of which are benign). Clotting can be normal depending on the size and volume. Read more...