What are the symptoms of arthritis in the hip?

Hip pain. 1. Pain in the groin, front of the thigh, knee 2. Difficulty getting up/down from a seated position 3. Decreased walking speed and distance.
Pain. Depending on severity usually manifests as pain often in groin but sometimes in buttock or radiating into thigh. Symptoms often worse with activity. As it progresses loss of motion may be experienced, ie difficulty sitting with leg crossed over other knee.

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What are some symptoms of arthritis in the hips?

Pain/stiffness. Arthritis in the hips can cause pain and stiffness. Stiffness can increase with inactivity. Pain maybe felt with weight bearing and or at rest. Read more...
Hip arthritis. Pain, clicking, loss of range of motion (internal rotation most noticeable), and limp. Read more...