What are the early symptoms of appendicitis?

Pain, anorexia. Classic appendicitis symptoms are: pain that starts near the belly button and is crampy, and then moves to the right lower abdomen and becomes constant; and anorexia (not being hungry). Fever is common, and many have nausea. Most don't have vomiting or change in bowel habits. Symptoms can be atypical if the appendix is located somewhere other than the normal place (in the right lower abdomen).

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What are early symptoms of appendicitis?

Appetite gone. Early is generally within the first 24 hours. Losing your appetite and a dull ache around the middle of the abdomen can happen. Sometimes nausea, vomiting or fever can happen early. Even pain of the right lower abdomen can happen early. The inflammed appendix may cause irritation of colon and bladder causing you to have diarrhea or frequent urination. Read more...