Does ELISA antigen antibody HIV test result negative at 3 months conclusive?

HIV testing. Nope. It is way too soon for this older antibody test to be 100% accurate. If this is the only test you can get then you will need further or repeat testing in twelve weeks.

Related Questions

Can you get ELISA HIV antibody test result within an 1 hour from hospital?

Yes. The test can technically be done in less than an hour. However, time taken for blood draw, transportation to the lab and if the tests are batched, will all add time and it may take a day or so to get the results. Read more...

Is ELISA test for HIV 1 & 2 antibodies conclusive after 8-9 weeks of exposure? Does NON-REACTIVE mean NEGATIVE?

ELISA for HIV. The ELISA test is not conclusive after any amount of time. The ELISA is a screening test and if it comes back positive, a Western blot will need to be done. Non-reactive is a good thing to be and it does mean that you are negative for HIV virus. Although there is a window period when you can have the HIV virus but still have a nonreactive result. Another test may be needed in that case. Suerte. Read more...