Lump behind my left knee and also on the back of my neck on the right side.?

Require exam. these may not be related and cedrtainly require a physicial examination, blood testing and imaging. Make an appointment today.

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Both of my knees grind when I bend them, and I have a lump on the back of my neck why is that? When I was younger my left knee twisted and could barely walk, and a little after I had my first child my other knee hyperexstended now my knees both grind, an

The . The gross sound in the knees ussually do not represent major problems and they are the product of tendon and cartilage contact. T he fine grinding is ussually the problem . If you have a lump , it is palpated as a separate structure in the back of the neck is likely that you have a fatty tissue tumor . Both things are difficult to asses via e mail, so i guess this is the closest we can get to know , at least for me , what it is . Hyperextesion of the joints is part of a spectrum of problems that include the hyperelasticity syndrome , diferent degrees of hyperextension or flexion of different joints and that is not always abnormal. Read more...

Hi I keep getting a tightening/warming sensation behind left knee and left side of neck, neck can feel swollen too?

Warm sensation. The warming sensation and neck symptoms may be related to irritability of superficial nerves or even anxiety and tension. For evaluation a physician would have to examine your neck and knee carefully and decide whether any other consultations with a neurologist or otolaryngologist are advisable. Read more...