I have pcos which specialist is best to see gynaecologist or endocrinologist?

Depends. If you are interested in fertility, you will need to see a gynecologist. If you are interested in treatment related to weight, excess hair growth, and regulating your period, an endocrinologist would be better.

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I was going to get mirena after my D&C to remove a polyp but my endocrinologist says mirena is not good because I have pcos. She says syeda better. Y?

Both are good. Both are reasonable options with advantages. Mirena is highly effective and does not require daily maintainence for up to 5 years. Most have light or no menstrual cycles which is a nice benefit. Theoretically but unproven the Progesterone could suppress endometrial polyps but polyps are rare at age 20. Birth control pills would regulate your cycles. Neither will “fix” PCOS. Read more...