What is the process of a renal scintigraphy?

Renal function. Imaging of kidneys involves intravenous injection of tcmag3 , dtpa or dmsa, and lying on table for hour or more while imaged by gamma camera. Detection of urinary obstruction, congenital anomalies( absent kidney, horseshoe kidney), and renal hypertension, scarring from infection, sometime intrarenal cysts and masses, with subsequent correlative imaging. All tests can tell function of the kidneys.
Different agents. Renal scintigraphy involves an intravenous injection of a radionuclide. The main preparation is the hydration and sometimes stopping specific medications. Various agents can be used according to what your doctor wants to evaluate (99mtc-mag3, 99mtc-dmsa, 99mtc-dtpa). Sometimes other medication such as Lasix (furosemide) or Captopril will be administered to complete the study, according to the indication.