If you have a swollen parotid gland how can you make the swelling in your face go?

Parotid Gland. Mumps a viral infection must go its course. If due to infection antibiotics. If a stone and blocked duct warm compresses and possible surgery. There are cancerous lesions as well. See your doctor.

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I believe I am suffering from parotid gland swelling it's very painful and noticeably swollen. I have no cold or flue symptoms. Should I go to ER?

Yes, you should. get to a doctor because it could be parotitis or stone in Swensen's duct, especially if it is very painful. It could also be inflamed lymph node. Either way, you might need antibiotics to get better. Read more...

Parotid gland swells when I eat. Have had sialogram and CT scan, doctor found no blockage or restrictions however face continues to swell?

Facial swelling. The parotid or other salivary glands may be involved and infiltrated with inflammatory cells, an autoimmune phenomenon. Often, imaging studies like those mentioned are not helpful at all in identifying this condition. A biopsy of parotid tissue can be done and should be evaluated by an oral pathologist familiar with the typical findings in this condition. Read more...