What are some symptoms of endometriosis? Can lower abdomen bloating and digestive issues fall under this?

Most likely not. Endometriosis usually presents with pain at the site where the endometrial tissue is located. Commonly flares up at the same time as your period. The condition does not really involve your ability to digest food so it should not cause bloating or digestive issues. I would recommend seeing your MD. OTC probiotics, like Align etc, may also help, or even a good yogurt daily can sometimes help.
Definitely. Endometriosis can present with many symptoms including pain during your periods, pain during sex, pain during defecation, general pelvic pain, infertility, ovarian cysts. However although endometriosis can present with bloating and digestive symptoms other problems can present with this as well and if this affecting your daily life then it is a good idea to see your ob/gyn or general physician.