Anxiety. In all honestyis it safe to breakup inderal (propranolol) 60mg la and take 10 grains at a time toget rid of excess adrenaline. It saysdont break up but....

LA form of meds. Probably NOT a good idea - time release meds differ in how they get to be time release. By breaking the tablet you run the risk of getting a large dose immediately - NOT a good thing with beta blockers. Your alternative to taking 1 long acting would be 10 mg of Inderal (propranolol) short acting taken as needed.
NO. Inderal (propranolol) LA is a slow-release formulation. If the pill is not taken whole, the drug will be released all at once and can cause more side effects. Don't try to be a do-it-yourself pharmacist. The 60mg dosage of the Inderal (propranolol) LA is already quite low. There's not reason to lower it further. It will not likely be very effective at lower doses.
Not a good idea. usually you cannot take part of a long acting medication and you do not know how much you are getting But using Inderal (propranolol) for anxiety is not a good idea and you need to see a provider for the appropriate medication and dose.
No. It is never safe to break up a medicine that was not intended to be broken up. Especially a long acting one. It will have erratic pharmacokinetics. Dont do it!