5w old fussy ALL THE TIME. She feeds well but sleeps most of the time. Crying when awake just wants to be held. Clay-like poop with soy formula.

See pediatrician. It is very normal or 5 weeks old baby to feed and sleep Being fussy shows baby needs mother contact .Clay like poop needs to be investigated ,there may be some liver disease or or obstruction to bile flow and jaundice. You should discuss this with your doctor and get investigated.
Benign Colic. Many Infants fr.1 month have these crying episodes for no apparent reason for a few hrs daily before they calm down This is typical of infantile colic. Your pediatrician would want to make sure the baby is not sick like running a fever, has vomiting or other symptoms, for which u should get him checked with the pediatric. He will eventually get better on his own,or OTC Mylecon or Gripe water.
Crying is normal. for babies. If she is gaining weight and sleeping in between feedings, her behavior may be normal, esp. if she stops crying after being picked up. If not, consider a formula intolerance and try an elemental formula such as Nutramigen or Alimentum. BM's will be quite loose. Crying babies can be very stressful to a new mom. If you are depressed, please see your doctor.