I got a wisdom tooth pulled 4 days ago the pain went away fairly quick but now I have pain again my mouth is really sore. The pain is off and on and not very intense on a scale of 1to10 the pain is a 4. I just want make sure this normal.

Dry Socket. Sounds like you may have a dry socket - where the blood clot either didn't form properly or was lost. Tend to have decreased pain after extraction and then increases 3 or 4 days later - especially if lower tooth. Dentist needs to check and then may pack with medication and/or prescribe antibiotic. Probably won't get better on its own.
Call your surgeon. You should call your oral surgeon to discuss this. It may be part of the normal course of recovery, but sometimes increased pain can be a sign of infection.
Normal or not? This would have to be evaluated by your surgeon and cannot be determined over the internet. Call and ask.
Follow directions. Anytime you have a tooth pulled, you're at risk for developing dry socket after 2-3 days. To prevent dry socket, follow the directions given by the dentist for post-procedure care in combination with your good oral hygiene routine. If dry socket see your dentist for treatment. Good luck.