Does genital herpes blisters always break open?

Yes. Genital herpes usually causes blisters on the vulva (around the vaginal opening).They will break open & form ulcers.Usually the infection goes to the uterine cervix(neck of the womb)causing cervicitis. Sometimes infection goes to the urethra(urine channel) causing urethitis with painful urination.
Blister. Not all the time. It may be reabsorbed by the body. the fluid in the blister can be infective. Always cover the blisters.

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I had a genital herpes blister that popped and the liquid from it got on my face. Is it likely I will break out on my face now?

Unlikely. Herpes simplex virus is different geno- type from genital herpes to non genital herpes , although some ties inter change. In order to transmit to different site usually need multiple contacts . See your doctor several drugs are now available that help prolonged remission . Read more...

Herpes I was diagnosed with genital herpes about three yrs ago. And now I have had a break out of like blisters all the way across my lips top and bottom my lip is so swollen and hurting and looks awful and it hurts bad is this apart of having genital her

Herpes . Herpes virus type 1 or 2 can affect the mouth, genitasl, and other parts of the body for that matter. Regardless, the treatment is the same. Acyclovir will lessen the duration of the outbreak, remember the sooner you take the acyclovir, the more effective it will be. For example, some doctors advise their patients to take the medication as soon as tingling is felt in the area where outbreaks usually occur. Also, if you have more than ten outbreaks per year, ask your doctor to consider putting you on supression therapy (daily medication). Take care. Read more...