I have a tilted cervix is there a good position to try to get pregnant or should I just do the normal sex positions? Also when is the best time totry

Sex position. There was a time in gynecologic history where we would do surgery to bring the uterus and cervix in an up-right position thinking that would make the woman conceive more readily in a missionary position. We don't do this surgery any more, because we now think that sex position does not make a difference in a woman's capability to conceive.
Use an ovulation kit. If you want to get pregnant and need to know the best days, you can use an ovulation prediction test kit. Usually you start testing around day 12 and keep testing until it turns positive. A positive test means you will likely ovulate in 12 to 48 hours so you can time intercourse. A tilted cervix doesn't require a special position. Best wishes!