Is your woman prone to fits of rage over insignificant issues?

If someone . Referred to me as "their woman", i might get a little testy. I hope you are ready for the input you requested. If you aren't aware of how many people would be bothered by the phrase "your woman" then you may also be insensitive to issues that are significant to others (but which are insignificant to you). This may be more a statement about you then "your woman".
See below. Without getting into semantics, if people feel invalidated, they will become angry/enraged, resentful, etc. You asked a question about "insignificant issues" that enrage "your woman". It's a good idea to stop and ask yourself, "what am i doing that makes her feel that way?". I'm referring to basic, but important listening and communication skills. Good luck!
Take blinders off. I agree with dr. Fowler entirely. All people (including any woman you might refer to as "yours") are sovereign and belong to themselves. No one is owned by anyone else. In fact, president abraham lincoln freed the slaves through the emancipation proclamation in 1863. The fact that you call your partner's issues "insignificant" suggests that your relationship may not outlast your prejudice.