Can excessive sleepiness trigger a seizure in eplileptic?

Probably not. Unless caused by sleep deprivation then the answer would be yes. If you are too sleepy all the time you should talk to your doctor. Your meds could be the reason, your sleep hygeine, not enough sleep, other medical causes too. A work up might be in order and you deserve a good listening to and some answers for why you are so sleepy.

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What are the best hospitals for the treatment of central hypoventilation, central sleep apnea, pathologic hypersomnia, seizures?

MANY CHOICES. Consider some of the best facilities for respiratory problems. National jewish hospital is ranked #1 by usnwr, but you could receive amazing care at johns hopkins hospital, mass general, mayo clinic, ucla, or a number of other academic centers.
Sleep apnea. National jewish hospital in denver is a great source for referrals to hospitals in your area.