Just got back from the hospital and I have g.e.r.d and constipation. My heart is fine but my chest still hurts why?

Gerd. If you say that your heart is fine then acid reflux can cause chest pain which mimics some times even a heart attack. I am sure they at the hospital must have precribed medications for you and if they didnt see your pcp for antacids which will help you.
GERD/CP. GERD and acid indigestion that refluxes into the esophagus can most definitely cause chest pain. If this is the same exact chest discomfort you had while you were in the ER and it is relieved with Tums (calcium carbonate) or antacids, this is likely acid indigestion. However, if this pain is different and not relieved by the previously mentioned agents, I would not sit on it, get it re-evaluated. It is better to safe.