Anyone ever heard of coccidioidomycosis, (valley fever), and is it related to a 'nodule' in your lung?

Yes, and yes. "valley fever" is very common in the fertile soil and sand of the southwest. Lung nodules are very common, rarely cancer, and often due to endemic fungi (valley fever in southwest, histoplasmosis in the midwest and so on). Nodules are presumptively diagnosed as due to vf, but should be followed to be sure. (we almost never biopsy them).
Fungal infection. This is a fungal infection caused (usually) by breathing in spores of a fungus. It is found in certain desert areas of the sw usa and mexico. Many people have no symptoms, but if they do, the initial illness is "flu-like". Fevers, headache, cough and sometimes sharp chest pains. If you developed an infection with pulmonary complications are traveling to high risk area, this may be a consideration.