Doc said I had blood in urine and had symptoms of uti. Culture was normal. Does that mean blood is gone or does the culture not measure blood in urine?

UTI. Blood in urine has many causes, one of them is UTI. The culture can sometimes be negative, however if you still have symptoms, then a second sample of urine should be submitted for culture. Also, the doctor needs to look for other causes of blood in the urine such as glomerulonephritis, Ig A nephropathy, etc.
Hematuria. Hi, urine culture is designed to detect bacteria in urine and confirm the infection that analysis of urine is showing. Urine infection can cause blood in urine and analysis of urine could detect that,once infection is treated then the blood won't show in urine analysis. If blood in urine persists then other tests like a Cystocopy or CT Urogram should be done to find out the cause.good luck.
Urinalysis. It is difficult to place meaning on this without knowing how the urine was collected. If it was not with a clean midstream catch it may be that the blood came from the vagina rather than the bladder. The fact that the culture was negative has nothing to do with the presence or absence of blood since it does not measure this,