What causes puffiness under eyes.

Many things. But most commonly age causes looser tissue which allows orbital fat to prolapse forward. .
A few things. There are many possible causes for this: some are allergy, infection, chemical irritation (i.e. from makeup or other facial product being used), some illnesses, heart or blood pressure or kidney problems (especially if there is swelling or puffiness of other parts of the body). I would recommend that you see your doctor to help you figure out the cause.

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What causes puffiness under your eyes and how do I treat it?

Many things. Can do it. Such as sleep problems, stress, heart disease, kidney trouble, liver abnormalities, medications and many other. You want to know the underlying cause and treat accordingly. Water pills can also fix it but do not cure the underlying cause. Docs need training for many years to be able to find a cause. Best to see your doc to know for sure. Read more...

What is causing puffy dark under eyes? Dark v puffy under eyes that feel full accompanied by dizziness and nausea for over 3 weeks. Good diet/sleep.

Allergic shiners. These sound like allergic shiners which suggest that you have seasonal allergies. Your sinuses and nose being filled with fluid/swollen can cause the dizziness, nausea from congestion dripping down and irritating your stomach. Try loratidine/certrizine once daily for relief. Read more...