Can my boyfriend get acne if he kisses my face while I have an acne breakout?

No. Not typically. Acne is a combination of changes in your skin which leads to gland plugging, combined with an infection by a bacterium.
No. Acne (assuming it is due to bacterial causes) is not a contagious condition so you can not pass it from one person to another. Keep in mind, however, that there are other non-bacterial causes to acne such as hormonal or cystic acne.
No. While acne is in part caused by bacteria, this is only a small part of the story. Acne is caused by hormone changes affecting the way certain skin glands on the face secrete oil. A specific bacteria on the skin takes advantage of this situation and causes the skin infections and inflammations we call acne. Kissing would be unlikely to affect the situation since the bacteria is already there.
No. Acne is not considered a transmissible disease but is dependent on numerous factors, such as hormones, gland secretion, a bacteria, and other unknown factors as well.
No. Absolutely not! several factors are required to cause acne-- excessive oil (sebum) production, plugged follicles, and the acne-inducing bacteria propionibacterium acnes. Almost all of us have this naturally occurring bacteria on our skin, so it is unlikely you can catch it from someone else. Many factors contribute to the tendency for plugging-- including hormones, genetics and stress.
No. Acne is caused by an interplay of your skin environment, including hormone production, and bacteria that live on everyone's skin. It is not contagious.