Can I still have gallbladder dis. With negative CT & ultrasound? Having episodes of upper right quadrant pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation. HIDA?

HIDA Scan. Hi, HIDA scan is used when the other modalities are unrevealing and the suspicious for an obstruction in Biliary system is high. I believe other causes should be looked at for ur symptoms, like Gastritis and IBS.
Yes. HIDA scan with CCK is the test to get. If it is your gallbladder the symptoms will be reproduced or worsened during the test. Your gallbladder function can also be checked.

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I had a hida scan that came back at 74%. Is that too low for a hyperactive gallbladder? I'm experiencing pain under right rib, nausea, and vomiting

Could be other. Among the causes for those symptoms are gallbladder disease (not enough info given to say you have that) as well as gut/stomach issues including ulcers, celiac disease, other. Get checked for other things.
Normal. I assume that you are referring to your gallbladder (gb) ejection fraction (ef). This is calculated after the gb is filled with radio tracer and after a cholecystokinetic drug is administered (or fatty meal). An ef of less than 35-40% is considered abnormal. Normal ef are greater than 50% with a normal mean of 75% an sd of 20%.
Probably not. Hyperkinetic or hyperactive gallbladder is not generally accepted as a diagnosis. A small group of patients (63) was symptomatic with cck infusion with greater than 80% ejection fraction. 28 of these patients underwent removal of gall bladder. 97% of these 28 patients showed improvement in symptoms following surgery. More prospective and retrospective studies needed. To substantiate the findings.
74% is normal. Hida scan with cck augmentation normal range is typically greater than 50%, with 35% to 50% being "borderline" and less than 35% being abnormal. The gallbladder should contract with cck (an analog of a hormone that causes gallbladder emptying) if it is responding/working normally. The hida portion examines the liver cells that make bile and the bile ducts to make sure they are not blocked.