1. Can swollen lymph nodes in groin be not visible or be felt when palpated? 2. Can lower back pain cause pain in pelvic area 3. Normal bowel & urinie

Yes yes yes. Yes yes yes. MRSA can persist as can viral infections. I'm sorry you are having to ask these questions in this forum. Sometimes it takes a really dedicated doctor to get to the bottom of things. You are asking good questions. I trust you will find out why your white count is elevated. You may need to exclude uncommon conditions (abnormal white cell function or production, celiac disease, etc)

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Hi there, I'm a 39 yr old female. I have a small swollen (hard) Lymph node in my right groin area. I have lower back pain and pain in my right hip.?

Needs medical exam. You should see either your primary doctor or your OB/GYN as soon as possible and have that evaluated. It's possible that it may be nothing more than a rogue urinary tract infection. But the hard and swollen lymph node needs to be evaluated by medical personnel (doctor preferably) sooner rather than later. Cheers! Read more...