What are visible signs of tuberous sclerosis on an adult or child?

Skin lesions. 95% of people with ts have skin manifestations that can be very diverse. Lighter patches of skin that resemble an ash leaf, may be the 1st sign in babies. Other lesions may resemble acne and you see them around nose and cheeks. On back and neck you may find areas of skin that resemble an orange peel. Finger and toenails may have fleshy appearing growths under or around the nails.

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What are the symptoms of a child with tuberous sclerosis?

TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS. Dominantly inherited genetic disorder, affecting the eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys and skin.Child presents with mental retardation, epilepsy, learning and behavioral disorders. Skin sx are angiofibromas, shagreen patches, subcutaneous nodules and cafe-au-lait spots. Read more...

What are visible symptoms of tuberous sclerosis?

Early vs Late. This condition is often first suspected when several skin patches appear with diminished pigment in the shape of an ash leaf on arms, legs, trunk. Over time the skin near the nose is populated with small pimply looking lesions called adenoma sebaceum.Thickened skin areas called shagreen patches are common on the back. Read more...