1mo baby moves erratically side by side while asleep, bending and extending limbs, eyes moving, and kinda whimpering. Could this be seizures? Scared

Get in. It is hard to say without seeing the episodes, but it could possibly be seizures. If you can video the episodes do that, but make sure you get in right away and have your baby evaluated.
Moro reflex. The Moro reflex is a normal primitive reflex found in newborns, generally triggered by stimulation such as noise, light or abrupt movement. Occassionally, this startles the baby and makes them cry briefly. The symptoms you described COULD possibly be seizure related, or this reflex as above. Videotaping and episode and showing it to your pediatrician would be wise.
Unlikely. Movement during sleep is normal (REM sleep is named after the rapid eye movement and babies often make sounds at night). If you can pick up the baby or hold the moving limb and the movements stop, it is not a seizure. Of course, then you may have an awake baby :) Take care and congratulations on the newborn.