Can heartburn and stomach acid problems cause a loss of appetite and 30lbs of unintentional weight loss in 4 months?

Abnormal . There is something else going on if you have lost 30 pounds without meaning to in 4 months. Heartburn to the point of preventing you from eating is serious enough to warrant close evaluation by a gastroenterologist.
Not likely. Weight loss is a red flag and signals the need for an upper endoscopy trying to better understand your condition. Talk to your doc about your symptoms.
Not to worry. The answer is NOT USUALLY..your symptoms can be for a # of reasons. Check with your Primary Care Doc...but remember, the commonest reasons are the least worrisome.

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22 Female w/unintentional weight loss the last few months, loss of appetite, GFR of 84, GERD for 3 years, and irregular bowel movements. Ideas? Thanks

Challenging in 400. characters! My first question, why do you know your GFR? estimated GFR from serum creatinine? It is actually not too uncommon for people to have reflux and irritable bowel at the same time..both dysfunctions of the GI system.Would be uncommon for symptoms of GERD to be so severe as to cause anorexia and weight loss. Then, why low GFR? This can only be sorted out by detailed eval in person by Doc! Read more...