At what age do the symptoms of cystic fibrosis first appear?

Varies. Unfortunately, there is no correct answer to this. It really varies and depends on various factors, including the type of mutation a patient may have. Symptoms may start soon after birth, or years later.
Birth. Most cases are diagnosed at birth, although rare cases show up in their 20s or even 30s.

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Were all babies from 1997-present screened for Cystic fibrosis in the state of Texas? Also, at what age do the symptoms for cystic fibrosis set in?

No. If memory serves me well. CF was not added to the newborn screening program until later. About 10 years back, the state expanded its screening program from 5 to more than 25 conditions, including CF. The symptoms might present with bowel blockage at birth, obnoxious smelly stools in infancy or may not have obvious symptoms for years. There is some individual variation from case to case.

What are all the symptoms of cystic fibrosis?

Respiratory, GI. Mostly respiratory and GI symptoms such as: asthma like symptoms, recurrent pneumonias, lose stool with fawly smell, lipid soluable vitamin deficiencies, diabetes. Shahzeidi, md.

What are the symptoms of cystic fibrosis - is there a cure?

Lots of symptoms. Cystic fibrosis is a complicated disease. It can affect many different organ symptoms including respiratory, gi, and genitourinary. This is usually diagnosed in childhood, and there is no cure.

What are symptoms of cystic fibrosis?

Cough, poor growth. Common symptoms of cystic fibrosis include cough, wheeze, recurrent lung infections, poor growth, foul smelling stools, salty sweat, clubbing, and rectal prolapse. The more symptoms the greater the chance of having cystic fibrosis. Most infants today are diagnosed by newborn screening for CF before they develop any symptoms and early therapy can minimize disease symptoms.

What are some symptoms of cystic fibrosis?

Variety. Commonly cough, mucus production, frequent respiratory infections, poor weight gain, abdominal discomfort and pain, oily stool.