What are the risks in labor and delivery for a pregnant mother who had retinal detachment surgery during pregnancy?

Depends. If the retina detachment was successfully repaired, there should be little risk that the retina will re-detach during the stress of labor.
Very little. If the retinal detachment is completely healed by the time of delivery, there is generally very little risk to the eye of the mother.
Retinal. If your eye has healed fully after the surgery, there should be minimal risk of a recurrent detachment during labor and delivery. Good luck!

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Hello I'm 23.I had retinal detachment surgery approximately 6 months ago. Now can I do heavy lifting, go waterslide or play soccer etc.? Or when can i?

RD. Are you myopic and how myopic are you? Was this your first detachment? Most cases you can go back to normal activities by 6mo but depends on specifics. Consult with us to help solve this issue. . Read more...